„Drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

- Buddha

"Kropla Szczęścia" Foundation

< 2019-01-04

„Kropla Szczęścia” foundation has been initiated by people who like and want to help. In January, we will celebrate its 2nd anniversary. 

In two years we have organised lots of fundraisers in charity events like charity concerts, football tournaments, ice swimming etc. we are regularly engaged in events made by municipal boards in our surroundings.

By every charity actions, we have gathered 65 574,07 pln

Money from these actions has been given to our proteges for buying medicines, special devices, cost of treatment, education materials, a total 71 064,23 pln.

We want to be close to people which we help, that is why in purpose for better get to know each other, strengthening relationships, exchange of experience and experience joyful moments together.

We help because:

-We care about other people,

-we want to divide with others what we got,

-everyone has the right to live in dignity,

-because of this, our life is better

-we believe that:

“Drop by drop is the water pot filled”

Our plans for the future is continuing this what we have started two years ago. We can do a lot of good with the help of volunteers, sponsors and people who have full of love hearts.


We would like to ask you for following our organisation on the web page, Facebook and Instagram.

Foundation „Kropla Szczęścia” is a non-profit organisation and from taken collections does not charge commission, which means, all found obtained are fully allocated to the implementation of statutory objectives.

Partners & sponsors

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