„Drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

- Buddha

Ice swimming for Wiktor

 On Sunday noon, March the 3rd 2019 in Myszków we organised charitable ice swimming for a little boy, Wiktor.

The boy has been suffering from atresia from the left coronary artery, hypoplasia of both pulmonary arteries including extreme stenosis of right, the incompetence of tricuspid and mitral valve, aorta’s coarctation, ventricular septal defect.

Ice swimming groups really enjoyed their participation. There was also an auction sponsored by donors, which was conducted by social cooperative “your space”. Through the cooperation with local firefighters, it was possible to visit the fire truck. You could also join our barbecue party and eat some sweets from the local bakery.

By common ice swimming, we gathered 3 820,57 zł, in which 2 780,00 zł from the auction. Money has been given to the Wiktor’s cure on his individual subaccount.

We would like to thank all of the participants' charity ice swimming, organizers and leaders.

Foundation „Kropla Szczęścia” is a non-profit organisation and from taken collections does not charge commission, which means, all found obtained are fully allocated to the implementation of statutory objectives.

Partners & sponsors

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