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- Buddha

Filip Myga

< 2017-06-07

Filip Myga is a cheerful 6-years-old boy. He lives in Blizyce village (Silesian District). He got sick in March 2016. Firstly Filip had small problems with keeping his balance, it was linked with flu complications. But as the time went by, the boy was feeling worse and worse. The symptoms aggravated, terrible neck pain appeared. Filip had to be taken to the hospital in Myszków. Doctors immediately made a decision to transfer Filip to Neurology Clinic in Child Health Center in Katowice. After the magnetic resonance and other detailed examinations Filip was diagnosed with a brain tumor – Medulloblastoma. The boy was transported to Oncology Chemotherapy and Hematology branch, where he was scheduled for treatment, both chemotherapy and radiotherapy were included.

Currently Filip has balance disturbances, his walk is unsteady. Both those issues have obvious influence on normal 6-years-old child activities. Despite this, Filip is trying to lead as normal life as he can, he is still the same playful and fun boy. He loves all kinds of building and agricultural machines. He seeks for occasions to see a tractor, forklift, truck, jib. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. We all really hope he will recover soon and he will be able to make this dreams come true.

Together we can help Filip and his parents with this tough situation by making payments to Filip’s individual bank account. Let’s show him support. He needs that to win this terrible illness.

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