„Drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

- Buddha

Paweł Sitak

< 2017-06-14

Foundation „Kropla Szczęścia” has involved in helping for 12-years old Paweł Sitak from Olsztyn nearby Częstochowa. Paweł needs help to grow. He differs from colleagues. He is really short boy he is 135 cm tall and his friends are 145 cm even 155 cm tall. One year ago his parents with doctor made a decision to cure him with growth hormones. They have to hurry up because this type of treatment is only possible during puberty and Paweł has just started the puberty. This is race against the clock. He would have no more than 149 cm without treatment, but he dreams about being 165 cm tall. This treatment cost 2000 PLN per month. Paweł and his parents are asking for help.

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