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Occupational therapy workshop

< 2017-04-06
Occupational therapy workshop in Wojsławice began its activity on 27th March 2016.
It takes 34 members in classes. Everyone of them is adult, has certificate of disability and indications do occupational therapy.
Proteges are from 3 different county. All of proteges are brought to classes by car adapted to transport disabled people. Therapy is conducted in six different workshops.
Every workshop improves participants in different field. Therapy program in workshops is adapted to each member physical and psychological abilities.
The actions proposed by the staff of workshop are targeted on improving intellectual, cognitive, emotional, social, professional efficiency which means  proteges have opportunity of social and professional rehabilitation.
The most common methods that have been used in therapy are art therapy and ergotherapy, during which participants make products by themselves and improve creativity.
Social and professional therapy conducted in each therapeutic group is succoured and completed by mobility rehabilitation.
Moreover participants are using the help of a psychologists whose supported them improving by diagnosis, awareness and psychological education.
Proteges ale likely to take part in classes, they are engaged in every type of activity proposed to them.
They have opportunity to learn particular activities and they can making some new friends which are moving to their private lives.
By acquired in workshop skills they have better lives, they are more independent and better adapted to live in society.

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