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Help for injured by fire family in Poraj

< 2018-10-10

At night from 7 to 8 October in Poraj a tragedy occurred. House has been burned down, in which a family lived – young couple with two children – boys are 4 and 5 years old. In few hours they lost a roof over heads and possession of their lives. The house which they built by themselves was only four months old! Radek, Karolina and boys have moved out to little room in their grandparent’s house which stands near the couple’s house. They don’t want to leave them due to the fact that they both need help. Alone, once again, they are starting from nothing. They can’t count on insurance because they didn't have enough money to insure the house. Only Radek is working, Karolina has been taking care of children so far. Even if she finds a job, her salary will drown in sea of needs. Local community and neighbors since first moment after the tragedy came with most needed items, clothes for boys( they all burn!), sheets, dishes and money. In extraordinary mode communal social welfare center granted help. BUT THIS IS ONLY EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE BECAUSE THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR THE FAMILY IS HOUSE.

Little house (90 square meters) in frame construction could be given to the family in 3 months. However it needs about 230 thousand PLN. At this time idea looks unreal but WHEN UNREAL BECOMES PROBABLE , IT IS A LITTLE TO NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPENS…

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