„Drop by drop is the water pot filled.”

- Buddha

Paweł Fiutek

< 2017-07-27

Every moment with my son I remember perfectly: I was at his birth, I had been near a bed when he was sleeping, hugging when he was crying, learning how to make first steps, I always try to be near to protect him, but now I feel the greatest helplessness and despair that dad can feel towards his little son, because, I know, I know that his life can be taken.. I know that my child has a cancer.

Paweł was always a healthy, happy and eternally troubled boy. He couldn’t sit in one place, he has never been ill, and taken medicines. We were happy because we had a healthy child.

When  he went to school he gradually became calmer. We thought that he is growing up and getting more serious. Unfortunately these were the first symptoms of his disease – brain tumor. From the age of three he attended at football trainings. He loved playing football, swimming, running. We often took him on the running race organized for children. In December 2015 on Christmas run he took second place. He was really proud of himself. In these time he was very happy and still healthy…

Now he really needs help to be able to run again and realize his dreams. The disease took from him everything he loved – he had to resign from this what he liked most. But he is not giving up and he fights with disease. In Poland he has underwent two operations and to this moment side effects persist.

The tumor has been removed only partly, at this moment it turned out that unfortunately it begins to grow back… Our nightmare and fight for our son life is harder… Such cases in the world are only a few dozen, which means there is not oncology procedure…

In all despair we found opportunity for our little boy. Noted neurosurgeon professor Schuhmann from Tübingen clinic gave us a opportunity for remove the tumor completely.

We are waiting for results and further steps of treatment. We will do anything to safe our boy’s life. Thank to all of you for helping us in this fight.

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